RAMADHAN 2021 ( 1442 AH )

All Restrictions Below Are For Compliance With Covid 19 Regulations


We are pleased to announce that we will be performing 20 Rakaat of Tarawee. We aim at completing Esha and Tarawee within 1 hour to reduce risk of contamination.

‘ Strictly First Come , First Serve ‘ applied. Once capacity is reached, no one will be allowed in the masjid. Please respect the Masjid Marshalls if you cannot be allowed in.

For safety and security reasons, sisters will be unable to attend Esha and Tarawee.


Masjid opens 20mins before each salaat and closes 20mins after Jamaat. This is required to allow good air circulation and cleaning. So, no musallis will be allowed to stay in the masjid between Magrib and Esha.


There will be no food distribution or sharing between musallis. Only bottled water and dates will be available.


Our knowledgeable Imams will continue with the daily reminder after Asr. Join the beneficial interactive sessions on Zoom after Asr Jamaat at 6.15pm. 

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Ramadhan 2021 timetable

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