Ramadan 2019


EIC Al Masjid is very pleased to announce that 1st Ramadan 1440 is from 6th May-2019 Monday.

May Allah bless all of us to make the most of this month.

Ramadan table can be download from here

Just like every year, the iftar by the masjid is provided at the side building (Darur Rahmah Hall)

Tarawih prayers will continue after Isha prayer.

During the last 10 nights of Ramadan, if the Tahajjud prayers will be offered, the Masjid committee will announce the time table.


The brothers and sister who will be coming to Masjid are requested to follow the instructions:

  • No food or drink are allowed in the Masjid, Everyone is requested to do iftar on the side building
  • Do not talk in the prayer hall
  • Please turn off your mobile phones or atleast set them to silent mode
  • Do not reserve the places in the first row either for yourself or others. If you wish to be in the first row, please come early.
  • Do not correct the Imam’s recitation as there are huffaz will do that incase of any mistake
  • The people who leave after the 8 rakhas are requested to leave quitely
  • Do not congregate out side the Masjid or on the roads once you finish prayer. We really do not want trouble the neighborhood
  • Park your cars properly and do not double park or block someone elses car
  • All the children must be with an adult who is responsible for them whether it’s during the prayer or not