Eid al-Adhā at EIC AL Masjid

EIC Al Masjid is delighted to announce that the Eid al-Adha will be on 11h August 2019 Sunday.

This year we are having 6 Jamaat for Eid prayer

The timings are as follows:

1st Jamaat : 6:00am     –      Shaykh AbdiRahman

2nd Jamaat : 7:00am     –      Shaykh Innayat

3rd Jamaat: 8:00am     –      Shaykh Imdad

4th Jamaat: 9:00am     –      Shaykh Gulfraz

5th Jamaat: 10:00am     –      Shaykh Yusuf

6th Jamaat: 11:15am     –      Shaykh Awais